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  • 10-15 Idea Boards for you to look through and rate based on how much you like the style of each Design.

  • Work with existing Furniture and artwork (That you are keeping) incorporating into new home design.

  • Source new Furniture & Decor to fit the design for new Apt.

  • Add all furniture & artwork into a Concept board showing all the pieces together.

  • Draw up all furniture onto a digital Floor plan to show furniture measured and laid out accurately in the space.

  • Order in all new merchandise/ Set up & Manage delivery dates.

  • Set up & Decorate with artwork & accessories to finalize Design.

What's Included

chic 3d_edited.webp

After having selected all the new pieces, we will collect everything into the ‘Concept Board’ which will represent an initial image of your spaces including all the pieces sourced.


You will also receive a spreadsheet with the links to all the items sourced, which will include 3-5 options per item, so you can sign off and review the pricing and dimensions.

02. Concept Board

Interior Design Concept Board
Interior Design Idea Board

We will get started with an onboarding call where we will ask you your goals and priorities for your project. Then, you will receive  10-15 slides of design ideas for you to go through as initial concepts for the direction on the overall concept.


After receiving your feedback, we will begin the selections for all the new pieces and start envisioning your new space!

01. Idea Boards

03. Floor Plan

On the third phase, you will receive a 3D model of the floor plan with different layout options to choose from. This way, you will be able to visualize what the space is going to look like once all the furniture and decor is set up.

Interior Design Floor Plan


Casa Luxxe
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